Bungalow Rose

Mythical Cobra Recycled Papier Mache Alebrije Figurine Bungalow Rose

Featuring elaborate horns and colorful spots that are diligently painted by hand, this mythical cobra will add the beauty of Mexican handicrafts to your home. Moreno creates this elaborate Alebrije sculpture, which he handcrafts from recycled papier mache. Alebrijes are a fairly recent Mexican art form, attributed to Pedro Linares. Unconscious due to illness in 1936, he was presumed near death and yet his dreams were extremely vivid. He tells of a place where all was peaceful and quiet until all of a sudden there appeared a lion with an eagle's head, a rooster with bull's horns, and a donkey with butterfly wings. They kept screeching "Alebrije, Alebrije!" and Pedro began running away. He encountered a man who told him it was not yet his time to be there are and he should continue running towards the exit. In this dream, Pedro climbed out of a window and regained consciousness. Bungalow Rose