Bungalow Rose

Carla Sunburst Natural Wood Frame Accent Wall Mirror

Create a magnificent focal point in any room with this Sunburst Natural Wood Frame Accent Wall Mirror. The beautiful natural wood with a slightly distressed finish creates a lovely rustic charm as it adorns the actual mirror. It's a great way to open up space and bring lightness to any room, but beyond that, it will add style and finesse as well. Function never looked so fashionable. The gorgeous wood frame has a smooth, sturdy appearance creating a modern take on the sunburst design. Used on its own or in combination with your other home decor items, this mirror is sure to fit in with your best look, creating an eye-catching display of pure inspiration. The shape will be a great way to break up the straight lines of any room. Hang directly above a bathroom sink, making it just perfect for a gorgeous vanity mirror. 2 hangers come installed on the back and are elbow type with a wire in between them, which will keep the mirror flat and secure.