Bull Outdoors 66040 Extra Large Built-In Pizza Oven

Made in Italy where perfect pizza is matter of pride, the Bull Outdoors 66040 Extra Large Built-In Pizza Oven elevates your pizza making skills to pro level. This built-in beauty is constructed from 441 stainless steel and comes in classic gray to match any smart outdoor kitchen. It features solid weld construction and rock-based insulation that won't break down. Quick, even heating makes this wood fired pizza oven a great addition to your outdoor kitchen island. Getting your extra-large wood-fired pizza oven ready to bake up pizza, bread, and more is a snap. Select hardwood logs that are up to 4 inches thick and up to 24 inches long. Light the wood and let it burn until it becomes glowing embers only. It takes less than 15 minutes to preheat the stones to 600 degrees (an infrared temperature gun makes it easy to check) and then you're ready to bake.