Bulgarian Bag

Bulgarian Bag Suples Fit Model - Sand Bags for Workout, Training Bag, Weighted Bag, Weighted Fitness Bag, Heavy Workout Bag, Weight Sand Bag, Wrestling. (11)

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING FOR HOME OR GYM! It's the perfect tool for full body strength building and conditioning anywhere you want to workout indoor or outdoor. FREE INSTRUCTIONAL DVD! Workout with Olympian and Bulgarian Bag inventor Ivan Ivanov as he shows you how to train like an Olympian! IF IT DOESN'T SAY SUPLES ...IT'S NOT A BULGARIAN BAG ! - This bag is made of extremely strong synthetic leather. Built to last! BONUS VIDEOS & INFORMATION at suples.com. - Ships to 48 Continental States - 1 YEAR NO B.S. Warranty. Confidently ADD TO CART as we stand by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.