Brick House Fabrics

Lace Chevron Fabric Zig-Zag Stripe Beige, Standard Cut

This lace chevron fabric is beige. This zig-zag striped fabric is one of the most unique we have seen! Lacy chevron stripes zig and zag across the fabric. This is fabric has been laser cut to resemble lace. The color is beige.Please order a sample to ensure color, quality, weight and feel match your needs. This fabric is 57 1/2" wide. The plain stripes are just under 2" ( 5.08 cm. ) wide; the lacy ones are just over 2" ( 5.08 cm. ) wide. This is a light mid-weight home decorating fabric. The front of this has been sueded, the back is smooth. This is perfect for curtains, over-lays, and clothing.Sold by: the yard ( 36" )