Breeze Decor

Rainbow 13"x18.5" USA-Produced Home Decor Flag

Flags are manufactured in the USA, with Licensing from American Companies and sold by American Vendors Only. Beware of Counterfeit Items from Overseas. Designed to hang vertically from an outdoor pole or inside as wall decor, Pro-Guard sublimation flag measures 28"x 40" with a 3" Pole sleeve. Read both Sides. Poles and hardware are NOT INCLUDED.Size: 13"Inches By 18.5 Inches - With A 3" Pole Sleeve. All Weather Resistant Pro Guard Polyester Soft to the Touch Material. Designed to Hang Vertically. Double Sided - Reads Correctly on Both Sides. Original Artwork Licensed by Breeze decor. Eco Friendly Procedures. Proudly Produced in the United States of America. Pole Not Included.