Brayden Studio

Philon 91" Tuxedo Arms Sofa Brayden Studio Fabric: Blue

Think outside the box with the sofa. It offers textured fabric, a unique geometric pattern, and a sturdy construction of MDF and plywood. Its full body is contrasted sharply with its low seat and slim, short metal legs for an ultra modern look. 100% polyester fabric. Bold color. Solid metal legs. Contemporary modern style. Wipe wooden furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust. Use warm water and a mild soap to clean wooden furniture. Place your wooden furniture away from prolonged direct sunlight as this can result in “spotting,” a phenomenon where bright and dark spots appear across the surface. Made in Vietnam. Contemporary Modern. Material: Plywood. 100% Polyester. Metal Legs. MDF. We understand how important your home is and how decorating your kitchen, dining room or bedrooms with classy, contemporary furnishings can help make it a place that reflects who you are. We believe in the power modern furniture has in creating not just a home but YOUR home. We believe in feeling good about our home's environment, and we think you do too. Brayden Studio Fabric: Blue