Brayden Studio

Audu Siena Solid Max Blackout Thermal Grommet Single Curtain Panel Brayden Studio Curtain Color: Teal Blue

Beyond the stunning design and array of fashionable colors, our lined, insulated curtain panels block out disruptive light and help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Light blocking thermal insulated for heat / cool air retention premium, double-layer fabric beautiful, no-fade jacquard design sturdy metal grommets (not plastic) wide array of colors and sizes available for indoor use only studies show that light from outside can be detrimental to our sleep and the thin, sheer curtains that are highly popular today aren't much help. These Siena blackout curtains from Brayden studio allow you to infuse your home with supreme style while creating a sleep sanctuary in your master bedroom, child's bedroom, or nursery. The secret of our curtain panels is our innovative triple-weave material, which effectively blocks light from shining through (100% of light, in fact). Our blackout curtains are sturdy without being too heavy and bulky and provide a high-end decorative touch. Feel like warm or cool air just goes right out the window (along with your hard-earned money)? Brayden studio blackout curtains are the ideal complement to your efforts to conserve energy at home. Each panel features a thin thermal lining to prevent heat and cold air from entering your home, keeping your living spaces at a comfortable temperature all year long. Brayden Studio Curtain Color: Teal Blue