Brand: Northern Solstice Publishing

Black Fly Stew - Wild Maine Recipes

Just as 21st century Maine mixes summer people and hunters, Portland sophisticates and rugged lobsterman, Black Fly Stew: Wild Maine Recipes combines modern and historic elements of Downeast cooking. This eclectic collection of recipes draws upon Kate Krukowski Gooding's smorgasbord of life experiences, grounded by a life of summers in Jackman, Maine and twenty-five years of living in Portland. As just one example, this globe-trotting/hunter/spice lover combines in her Spicy Island Venison recipe the most popular game meat with Scotch bonnet chili pepper, all-spice, curry, tomatoes, lime juice and coconut milk. Wild! The key connection among these tasty recipes is their many layers of flavors. This in not fast food; like a sunny August day in Maine, these dishes and drinks are meant to be savored with family and friends. So enjoy the way Maine food should be - flavorful, delightfully surprising, and inspirational for the lost art of mealtime conversation.