Brand: Ginkgo Press

Eat Smart in India: How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure

Food is one of the first and most immediate contacts a traveler makes with a foreign county. More and more travelers are making it a more memorable contact by taking along one of the innovative, easy-to-use Eat Smart culinary guidebooks. The authors of Eat Smart in India, the newest guide in the award-winning Eat Smart series, demonstrate that traveling and eating in unfamiliar territory doesn’t have to be gastronomical guesswork. This is a well-timed choice, given the resurgence of interest in this fascinating destination, especially in its delicious cuisine. With their Eat Smart guidebook in hand, travelers to India will quickly decipher menus with confidence and shop or browse in the supermarkets and lively outdoor markets throughout the country with greater knowledge. When they get home, they can relive their tasting adventure by creating some delicious Indian dishes, using the recipes provided in the book. Distributed for Ginkgo Press