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Health Unplugged: Can food & technology co-exist ?

Health Unplugged is about Keeping It Simple. When you go to your doctor and he or she tells you that you have to lose weight, that's all they tell you. Then they send you to a registered dietician and they give you a food pyramid chart and you still can't figure out what foods to eat. They use words like glycemic index, amino acid, BMI, carbohydrates, and HDL, LDL. What does all of that mean? So you go out to the book store and buy books written for and by doctors and you still can't understand the words, a month later you still haven't lost weight. On my journey to losing weight, I have purchased at least 10 books/DVD's trying to figure out what to eat and what exercise to do. Half of the books I never finished reading because I just wanted to get to the parts that I needed. Health Unplugged has a grocery list of foods that you can eat and an exercise schedule that you can start today. My book goes straight to the point for people like me that just want to lose weight without the mumble jumble.