Boska Large Oak Round Cheese and Tapas Board, Natural

The Serving Board Round Friends L will be the center of attention on your dining table. Use it to present the most delicious cheeses. Spice it up and create some different combinations. Your cheeses and other delicacies will look even more beautiful on the authentic, round, oak wood design. Rustic appearance The cheese board has a wonderful rustic appearance. The round shape makes it stand out in the crowd. Aside from its good looks, it's also incredibly practical. You can use the ergonomic handle to serve a round to your guests. Oak wood cheese board The oak wood material not only gives it a classy look, but it also makes it eco-friendly. Extend the lifespan of the board by using the Boska Cheese Board Oil (320080). Give it a regular rub with the oil and then the board won't absorb odors and stains. Color: Natural.