Booster Bath

Booster Bath 3 Step Pet Stair Booster Bath

Give your pets a comfortable and secure path to high places with this Paws For Thought Booster Bath 3 Step Pet Stair. It is perfect with your car door threshold, SUV bumper, bed, and couch.This Booster Bath 3 Step Pet Stair by Paws For Thought is made of 0.25'' thick UV stabilized virgin polyethylene for strength and durability. This pet stair has a gray finish, which is aesthetically pleasing. It weighs only 4 and a half pounds with multiple rib system that can easily support 150 pounds. This pet stair features no-slip cushioned mats that are 3/8'' thick, recessed, strong, and durable. It is equipped with four large rubber bumpers that are located on each corner to ensure that the pet stair stays in place when your pet enters or exits. This pet stair is ideal for outdoor use. It is rust-resistant, which prevents it from corrosion. It is weather-resistant, which ensures that it withstands all weather conditions. It is lightweight and portable, allowing it to be taken anywhere you want.It is easy to keep this pet stair clean. Simply wash it with soap and water. It requires to be assembled and installed. It is manufactured by Paws For Thought, which provides grooming, dog training classes, and services. Booster Bath