Silver Zebra Print Cowhide Rug, 84"x72"

This fine, silvery cowhide species possesses mystifying qualities, with a coat that strikes intrigue and wonder, it is able to grip its observers with its silver plated-like appearance. Much like a zebra, this eye-pleasing delicacy is renowned for its exoticism and likability that is easy to prize. With a sensational texture and soft texture just as calming as its appearance suggests, its undoubtedly a rug worth investing interest to, and making a special place for within your home.We hand-pick every cowhide rug to ensure we bring you only the highest quality rugs for your home decor.Cowhide rugs are a 100% natural product. This means none of the color patterns are identical, because every animal has a coat of fur that's different. The rug you see in the photo will vary slightly from the rug you receive.It's very common for cowhide rugs to come with firemarks, scars and other markings. This is a completely natural occurrence.All of our cowhides are recycled from the meat industry. The thorough tanning process ensures minimal hair loss and also gives the cowhide a clean leather smell.Due to their durability and thickness, Rodeo cowhide rugs are ideal for areas in a busy house with high foot traffic.Rodeo cowhide rugs are easy to clean - a simple brush will do the job. Stains can be quickly removed by simply applying a damp sponge, just make sure to not let your cowhide rug soak in water.Size approx 6 x7 ftMade in Brazil