Bon Chef

Scarlett Butter Knives, Set of 12, 6.63"

Bon Chef Scarlett butter knife. Scarlett to its heavy weight flatware collection. Scarlett has a beautiful textured finish that hides any fingerprints and wear. Made of 18/8 stainless steel and finished to perfection. 6-5/8-inches length. Do not soak in water with other metal objects. Carefully clean after use. Wash in hot water with non- abrasive, non-corrosive cleaning agent. Avoid prolonged contact with acid substances. (example lemon, vinegar). Rinse in water of at least 180 degrees. A wetting agent or water softener may be required if using water with high mineral content. Avoid using cleaning solutions containing ammonia or lemon on flatware or hollowware. Avoid using any form of chlorine bleach which will discolor stainless steel. Dry immediately.