Bodhi Tree Collections

Leaf-shaped Round Decorative Box With Silver Plated Dragonfly

The Designer Lacquer Leaf-shaped Box from Bodhi Tree Collections is a melody of form and function meant to offer a storage space that will beautify any tabletop and is a perfect gift for the garden enthusiast. Each piece is made from all-natural organic lacquer with a hand painted leaf vein and adorned with a silver plated dragonfly. Every box is durable and food safe, making it a perfect stow-away for daily jewelry, hair accessories, office supplies or as a candy jar. The Silver-plated dragonfly fixed on the top brings with it significance which is explained by a card that can be found inside of the piece. It reads: Dragonflies are known as a good luck charm associated with self realized change and harmony. The treasured creature's agile flight and its ability to move in all directions reminds us to go beyond what's on the surface so we can live in the moment with sound mind.