bObsweep PetHair Vision Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - 13x13x3 in (Black)

bObsweep PetHair Vision Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - 13x13x3 in (Black). Bob PetHair Vision: The Visionary Planner Bobs advanced mapping makes fetching dust a walk in the park. His VisiOn camera captures a snapshot of his surroundings, while his SLAM-enabled computer cuts a path to cleanliness. Specially designed to handle the toughest of pet hair, Bobs dual power TurboLift vacuum handles the heavy lifting. Connect Bob to the bObsweep app, and you can schedule, control, and track him with your mobile device. Product Features: VisiOn camera scopes out the environment as Bob cleans. SLAM technology simultaneously keeps track of Bobs surroundings and location in real time. Mobile App allows you to schedule, control, and track your bot. Available on the App Store and Google Play. Automatically returns to the charging station when low on battery. Scheduling sends Bob to clean on a custom routine. Can be set on the bObsweep app. Edge detection prevents Bob from falling off edges. Can be disabled to clean dark carpet. Highly efficient filter captures harmful particles and pathogens in the air. Main brush and twin side brushes spin in tandem to pick up large scraps and bits. Dual power TurboLift vacuum specially designed for the toughest of pet hair. One of the strongest in the industry. 600 mL dustbin packs pet hair, dust, and dirt. Inside the Box: Bob PetHair Vision Charging station adapter Cleaning tool Side brushes (4) Filters (2) Warranty Details: 60-Day money back guarantee 2-Year limited warranty 2-Year battery warranty 5-Year subsidized repair plan Lifetime of customer service