Bloomsbury Publishing

Detox Kitchen Vegetables

150 delicious feel-good recipes (all free from wheat, dairy, and refined sugar) that celebrate the versatility of tasty, nutritious and abundant vegetables.Detox Kitchen Vegetables removes the fear of cooking with vegetables--fear that they will be plain and boring, that they will be overcooked--and instead shows you how truly delicious they can be. Inside this book are 150 exquisite recipes for 35 different varieties of vegetables that are packed full of flavor. All wheat-, dairy- and refined-sugar-free, you'll find inventive and exciting dishes such as Spiced aubergine fritters with coconut tzatziki, Roast butternut squash with tahini dressing and tamari seeds, and Cauliflower pizza with lemon infused tomatoes.With a sleek, contemporary design and glorious photography throughout, this bright new book is packed with everything you need to maximize the benefits of vegetables and refresh your everyday cooking.