Bloomsbury Market

One-of-a-Kind Fagersta Shondra Hand-Knotted 9'8" x 12'3" Wool Purple/Black Area Rug Bloomsbury Market

A mesmerizing addition to any décor, this brand-new hand knotted Fagersta wool rug featuring vibrant colors and a traditional design is made by skilled artisans capable of creating the most exceptional Persian knotted rugs. Harnessing the natural energy of the sun, each rug is organically neutralized from its original color, distressed and saturated in an infusion of bold vibrant color pallet to give it a fresh perspective and modern appeal. This masterpiece draws its inspiration from traditional and timeless rug designs, which provides both harmony and contrast bringing a phenomenal twist in any décor. An intricate design and exquisite coloration make this all wool rug a standout piece for any room. Bloomsbury Market