Bloomsbury Market

Kevork Floral Hand-Knotted Wool Brown Area Rug Bloomsbury Market

This rug was made by the hands of gifted weavers inspired by a variety of artistic designs. This rug from the others is the 100% wool material and dye used, knot count, ancient designs, fantastic grades, and its regional historical connection. This home decor carpet will be completely cozy and inviting, this rug would be among your most valuable treasures. It is a great investment that accrues value over time, and it will last a lifetime because was woven with high-quality, all-natural wool. Eco-friendly, opulent yet affordable, this rug will give you an extra pop of character to help define your home environment with sophistication and warmth that will capture the eyes and attention of your audience (homeowners, designers, decorators, family and friends). Bloomsbury Market