Blancho Bedding

Creative Draining Soap Holder Natural Wooden, Soap Dishes Lovely, Soap

Shipped from Hong Kong. Wooden soap box, simple, natural, environmentally friendly, in order to facilitate the use of the bottom have water holes, water leakage, easy to clean, keep the soap dry. The outer layer of a protective paint, greatly extended service life! Log material revealed a simple natural flavor, placed at home, both beautiful and use! Bought from the use and give friends are very good choice.Size: 12. 8 x 9. 8 cm, 5 x 3. 9 inch.Size suitable for most soap.Material: wood.It drains excess water from the soap dish into the sink.Natural, healthy, make your soap dry and easy to use.So buy it from the family and friends to use and is a very good choice.