Birds Choice

Birds Choice Pedestal Heated Bird Bath

Make your backyard a cozy spot this winter with the Birds Choice Pedestal Heated Bird Bath. This handy bird bath is heated, which means birds will flock to it. It's made of recycled ABS plastic and features a three-legged stand. About Backyard Nature ProductsHumble beginnings in 1993 have yielded wonderful results for Backyard Nature Products. Founded by Dan Bloedorn, the company began by offering simple backyard bird-feeders built by Dan and has since expanded to include feeders for multiple animals, outdoor furniture, bird baths, bird houses, and more. Now, Backyard Nature Products has its own facilities and team of dedicated employees. Environmentally conscious, poly-lumber (made from recycled milk cartons) is used in a number of their products and any wood scrap is recycled into mulch