Better Sleep Pillow

Better Sleep Pillow Memory Foam, 3.5" Thick Foam - Patented Arm-Tunnel Design Improves Hand and Arm Circulation - Neck Pain Relief - Perfect Side and Stomach Sleeper Pillow - Bed Pillow, White

Perfect Position for a Positive Sleep Do you toss and turn every night, waking up each morning in pain, your neck extremely stiff and your back aching horribly? Maybe you have the worst time just trying to find a position that is comfortable to sleep in? Perhaps your loud snoring prevents you, and anyone else within earshot, from getting a restful sleep. Does your shoulder hurt from sleeping with your arm under the pillow? How about waking up with your arm full of pins and needles? If you are afflicted with any of these problems. It is most certainly time to treat yourself to a new pillow. The Better Sleep Pillow, from Deluxe Comfort, offers you the best in comfortable and pain-free sleep. Made from the most comfortable memory foam, these pillows will mold to the unique shape of your body. This leads to the most comfortable sleep ever, enabling you to feel like you're sleeping on a pillow that's been made just for you. Even the velour cover helps in ensuring you have the softest and most satisfying sleep. This unique pillow has ergonomic design to both help prevent and alleviate pain. This includes pain in your neck, back, and even in your shoulders. The two included arm holes enable you to lie in almost any position comfortably. One arm hole (or tunnel, if you will) runs across the front of the pillow, while the second tunnel cuts directly through the middle. It is an absolute must-have for side sleepers and those that sleep with their arms under their pillows. Even though it is perfect for side sleepers, those that sleep on their stomach or their back will also experience a much greater sleep while using the Better Sleep Pillow. Secure your BETTER SLEEP Pillow today, and don't suffer through another uncomfortable night!