Bestway AquaCrawl Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance Vacuum Cleaner (2-Pack)

The Bestway AquaCrawl Pool Vacuum is simple to set up and easy to use. Just attach to your filter pump with 1 of the included adapters and start cleaning. Debris is sucked into a removable and reusable leaf bag. The vacuum set contains 4 lightweight aluminum poles which join together to create a 7 ft. L pole. This vacuum is great for cleaning pools with less than a 15 ft. Dia. There are 2 interchangeable conversion nozzles that connect to the pole. 1 has a brush for battling stubborn grime and the other has a standard pool vacuum head for sucking up loose debris. You effectively get 2 pool vacuum cleaners in 1. With the Bestway AquaCrawl Pool Vacuum, you'll spend less time cleaning out your above ground pool and more time enjoying it.