Berry Island

Curved Pottery Vases - Modern Vase - Posy, Bud Vase - Pastel Yellow Vase - Clean Lines Minimalist Decor - Asymmetrical Vase

So happy to be able to offer these as a holder for my pom pom flowers! I've had these made by a local potter Leanne Dubray, and the glaze on them feels like butter! Now you can bend and droop any number and size of pom pom flower in a unique table top display. There are four colour choices white, blush pink, buttered popcorn yellow, and dark duck egg blue...with this listing you get YELLOW. Since they are handmade on a pottery wheel sizes vary. Some are shorter about 5" tall - 6" tall. The glaze extends down the vase until about 1/2" from the bottom (1 cm), then there's a rougher texture along the bottom. The base of the vase measures approximately 2 1/2" across/diameter (6 cm). If you have any questions or need additional photos let me know.