Modern Mirrored Candle Holder

Glass surface to keep the candle on. Made from wood and mirror. Sliver and black color. 4 in. W x 4 in. D x 12 in. H (1.98 lbs.). Are you looking for a candle holder that has cutting edge looks? Looking for a candle holder that everyone will be impressed by? Well, this particular candle holder will do the trick for you. In what is a body with sharp edges much like a buildings, this creation has floor like structures dividing its rectangular frame. Not only will it impress all your guests but it will also provide much needed light when needed. But at other times too it will provide a different light the light of its aesthetic beauty. Additionally, it has been made using quality materials; this ensures that it will last with you for years to come. Indeed, all will be impressed; such is its impressive beauty.