Classic and Lovely Inspired Style Wood Wall Panel Home Accent Decor

Description:A wall panel can be a very useful addition to any room. With it the bland walls gain an extra dimension and the look of the entire room lifts. This Wood wall panel is from a similar mould; if anything this wall panel has got extra. It indeed has a message and a heap of wisdom. It has a message for every topic that is in bold on its frame. This wall panel can be attached in the living room, but the perfect place for it will be your bedroom. With it there you can glance at it when you are in a troubled mood and it will show you the way. Also, this wall panel can make into a great gifting item; perfect for someone of an growing age, it will give boundless joy that will last for ages. Indeed, this is the Wall panel to have. Features:Wood Wall PanelDimensions (inches): L 16 x W 2 x H 40In a rustic finishMade from quality materials