Bamboo Carving Cutting Chopping Board w/ Juice Groove, Pyramid Design (13.25" x 17.5")

Bamboo Carving Cutting Chopping Board w/ Juice Groove, Pyramid Design (13.25" x 17.5"). Pose the Skills of a Pro Carving Chef - Presentation is key in food and this elegant meat carving board will give you perfectly cut meat for special dinners. The Bambsi Bamboo Cutting Board features raised pyramid-shaped ridges that hold your meat or poultry steady while cutting and carving. With our cutting board, you will master the art of carving Beautiful Bamboo Board Adds Accent to Dinner - A big turkey or whole chicken will be the highlight of the meal during holiday season and for this we crafted this cutting board with premium moso bamboo, an all-natural wood with antibacterial antifungal properties that is durable, elegant and safe for foods. We chose bamboo as it's Eco-friendly and creates no contamination Built-In Drip Groove for Spotless Counter or Table - Tender juicy beefs tends would make a mess once you start slicing with the carving knife. To prevent this from happening, we designed the edges with drip grooves that makes it easy to cut meats without leaving a mess Reversible Design for Multipurpose - This bamboo cutting board features on top side the pyramid ridges and the reverse side is flat which makes it multi-functional for chopping fruits and vegetables. It's very innovative and makes a nice gift idea for chef enthusiast, friends and family Carve the attraction like a pro with Bambsi Meat Carving and Cutting Board The Better Carving Board for Cutting the Meat Across the Grain for Maximum Tenderness You've gone through lots of hassle and expense choosing, buying, preparing and cooking and baking your beef to perfection and the gathered guests are waiting, with great anticipation, a meal to remember. The final glitch is the act of carving and with Bambsi, you'll be able to glide your knife effortlessly to success and slice the meat across the grain which results in tender slices. The innovative pyramid shaped ridges at the center of the carving board is incorporated to provide better stability and firmness of your meat while cutting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced chef, this beautiful cutting board gives you professional cuts like 5-star steak restaurants. Be a Professional Chef with Unrivaled Carving Skills You know presentation is key in food and with that in mind, you never want to see your big Turkey look as if you ran it over with a lawnmower after four hours of seasoning, basting and cosseting. Our innovative carving meat board allows you to carve against the grain so you can have tender slices that makes a meal more tasty and luxurious. Reversible Design for Multi Uses This bamboo board is specially designed for both carving and cutting because chefs know how important is to cut down the amount of appliances and tools to have a flexible kitchen. The top side features the pyramid design and drip groove while the reverse side is completely flat so you can chop ingredients all in one board. Best Gift Idea If you're looking for a special gift for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and any occasion, this elegant bamboo cutting board is the perfect choice. Give this beautiful gadget for cooking enthusiast, chefs, and anyone you love. Get yours today by clicking the add to cart button now read more