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Nautical Decor Rope Wreath, Beach Decor Seashell and Rope Wall Decor Coastal Wreath, 20"

Nautical decor rope and seashell wreath. This cool new beach decor rope wreath is absolutely perfect for coastal homes and all sorts of nautical beach decor. Created using authentic, thick nautical roping braided and knotted over a foam base. I add just a few silk eucalyptus greens, plus 3 Washington State sand dollars and a white knobby starfish for a simple, clean, coastal vibe. A gorgeous rope wreath like this one doesn't need a lot of embellishment!! Approximately 20" overall diameter. The nautical beach wreath would be a beautiful wedding gift for a couple of sea lovers having a beach wedding, or it would go beautifully in a beach condo or breezy beach cottage. This wreath must be displayed indoors only, in a temperature controlled room, and never displayed between an outside door and a storm door. Each piece I make is made to order so you will see slight differences on your item vs. the picture, but always the same elements.