Bayou Classic

Bayou Classic 8195 Propane Turkey Fryer Kit - Burner and 32-Quart Stainless Steel Pot

Time to cook some turkey the southern way, fried. Introducing the Bayou Classic Deep Fat Turkey Fryer Kit Turkey Fryer - Stainless Steel - 32 qt. , featured in our Other Patio_and_Grilling department. The Bayou Classic 32 Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Kit includes the stainless steel pot kit and the traditional black burner. The steel burner stand is assembled by welding the stand legs rather than the standard bolts that have the chance of breaking while the fryer is in use. Serve up a juicy fried turkey for your family and relatives. The turkey fryer kit includes 32-qt. stainless steel frypot with a vented lid, perforated basket for boiling and steaming, perforated poultry rack and grab hook with a 3-piece detachable skewer set. The 12" thermometer and 1-oz. trial-sized seasoning injector finish the package.