Bay Isle Home™

Bamboo Corner Laundry Hamper Bay Isle Home™ Color: Wood Color

The corner laundry hamper with lid and cloth liner is a great addition to any bedroom, laundry room, or bathroom. It is specifically designed to fit in a typical 90-degree room corner, maximizing space while staying out of the way. The hamper features a lid keeping dirty clothes out of sight while also concealing any smells. The cloth liner is washable, making it great for many uses (cold water, gentle cycle: air dry or low tumble dry). It is constructed from natural bamboo, and the hamper offers you a durable yet lightweight solution to organizing your dirty clothes. The hamper can fit one standard sized loads of laundry. Our laundry hamper will help you keep your home organized without being a big eyesore. It helps keep dirty clothes off the floor by offering a single location for your dirty clothes. Bay Isle Home™ Color: Wood Color