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Lahore Pak-Persian Marla Black/Dark Gold Area Rug, 10'1"x14'0"

These Meticulously handcrafted Pak-Persian rugs are a reproduction of Persian rugs, made in Pakistan with unique Mughal designs. Using the same Persian texture, design and dying technique, we wanted to produce the most significant manifestation of the Persian art, life and culture. This collection consists of the finest quality rugs made by Pakistani master weavers, who have passed down the skill from generations. Featuring great traditional old Mughal and Agra designs brought from Iran and Turkey, Pak-Persian rugs made with Persian weave with high knot counts, which enables the high intricacy and detail found in the patterns. Designed with a mesmerizing intricacy and gorgeous color palette, this hand-knotted masterpiece demonstrates the beauty and electrifying thrill of Pak Persian art. It takes 4 master weavers 15 to 18 months to create each masterpiece containing more than 4 million knots. This rug is most famous for its exceptional quality, incredible designs, patterns and vibrant rich color. Referred as State of art, each color adds a rich beautiful detail in the artwork of this rug. The design, color and beautiful chromatic composition with a vibrant sheen with traditional designs, exude beauty, elegance and quality make this rug A tradition of a Lifetime. AgeNewDyeNaturalOriginPakistanMaterial100% Wool PilePile Height1/2 InchConstructionHand Knotted Rug Care: We recommend using a rug pad to preserve the life of the rug.