Bare Cotton

Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton Bath Towels - Plum - Stripe - Set of 4

Modernize your bathroom with Bare Cotton Striped Collection featuring extremely well absorbency and plush towels. Striped towels will feel wonderfully comfortable against any skin with luxurious softness. 100% Turkish cotton helps you to get dry sooner than you can imagine while unique stripes comfort your skin- 100% Turkish Cotton- Made from all natural materials- Ribbed for added texture- Becomes softer with every wash- Lavish large and has perfect weight- Machine washable. Wash Before Using- Made in TurkeySize Chart- Bath Towel: Most Common everday towels ( 27x54 inches )- Hand Towel: Used to dry hands and as decorative accents ( 16x30 inches )- Wash Cloth: Used to wash hands, body and face in and out of the shower ( 13x13 inches )- Bath Sheets: Oversized for more coverage ( 35X70 inches )- Oversized Bath Sheets: Oversized for more coverage ( 40x80 inches )- Bath Mat: To provide warm non-slip surface outsite the tub or shower, and absorb water like a towel. ( 39x25 inches )