Baobab Collection

Baobab Collection - Vidra Scented Candle - Limited Edition - Dream - 16cm

A subtle nod to surrealism, this candle offers dream-like elegance for any space. An ode to Salvador Dali and Andre Breton, its mouth-blown vessel is artfully distorted and each piece is entirely unique. In soft pink, it transports you to a dream world under a surrealist sky and is filled with heady notes of hawthorn, myrrh and acacia. Key features: * Scented candle * Fragrance notes: hawthorn, myrrh, acacia * Dimensions: H16cm * Weight: 1kg * Burn time: 150 hours * Mouth-blown glass vessel * With a dream-like distorted shape * An ode to Salvador Dali & Andre Breton * Soft pink hue * Each piece is entirely unique