Baobab Collection

Baobab Collection - Stones Agate Scented Candle - 16cm

Transport your interior to the depths of Brazil with this Agate Stones scented candle from Baobab Collection. Inspired by the magical looking stones found in Mina Gerais, Brazil this candle is encased in a glass vessel where colour has been added at the mouth-blowing stage to create a finish which is at once opaque and translucent. Perfumed with the fruity/floral mix of acai berry and bergamot, it is finished with a hint of rich musk. Key features: * Scented candle * Fragrance notes: bergamot, acai berry, amber * Dimensions: H16cm * Size: 1kg * Burn time: 150 hours * Inspired by Brazilian agate stones * The colors in the glass have been inserted as it's blown * To create a material both opaque & translucent * Like the stone after which it's named * Beautifully reflects the light when lit