Baobab Collection

Baobab Collection - Limited Edition Amara Scented Candle - 16cm

Invigorate your home with this Limited Edition Amara scented candle from Baobab Collection. Made exclusively for Amara by Baobab, it combines spicy notes of black pepper with mysterious wood and leather tweed to create a deep, woody fragrance. Reflecting the timeless elegance of England, the glass vessel is adorned with silk screen detailing in a pattern reminiscent of a chain. Available in three sizes, the Amara candle will complement any interior where modernity meets traditional aesthetic values. Key features: * Exclusive scented candle * Fragrance notes: black pepper, mysterious wood, leather tweed * Material: glass * Dimensions: H16cm * Weight: 1.2kg * Burn time: 150 hours * Made exclusively for Amara by Baobab * Deep, woody fragrance * Mouth-blown glass vessel * Adorned with silk screen detailing in a platinum shade * Reflects the timeless elegance of England * Stylishly packaged in a Baobab box