The Bank ROBBER Powerful Compact Canister Vacuum with 20' Retractable Cord, Rubber Wheels and Wessle-Werk Attachments

The Bank Robber canister vacuum features the powerful suction of a full-sized vacuum in a compact size. The Bank Robber is designed for all your cleaning needs; it even does surface cleaning on carpet. The machine comes with a disposable cloth bag, charcoal filter and HEPA filtration for allergy sufferers. Variable speed control allows you to control suction depending on the surface you are cleaningâ either full power for care floors or low power for drapes and lampshades. The Bank Robber includes a 20â retractable cord, metal telescopic extension wand, and soft rubber wheels to protect your wood floors. It has a full 3 year warranty on parts and labor, the longest on the market. Bonus accessories like the new Wessel-Werk D330 Turn & Clean Tool and High Performance Wessel-Werk RD295 Multi-Surface Tool ensure you have everything you need in one place. These attachments are included with vacuums costing $1,000 and more. . Features & Benefits. Compact. Powerful. Versatile. . High Performance Multi-Surface Nozzle, Wessel-Werk model RD295 includes indentations so dirt does not get pushed around, a lint brush to remove pet hair and fibers, and a swivel wheel for maneuverability. . High Performance Turn & Clean Floor tool, Wessel-Werk model D330 allows for 360 degree cleaning for swiveling around chairs and furniture. Metal Telescopic Wand for a lighter machine that adjusts to take the tension off wrist, shoulder & lower back. Upholstery Tool with Brush for upholstered furniture and carpeted and non-carpeted stairs. Dusting Brush with All-Natural Bristles for lampshades, drapes, bookshelves, leather furniture. Crevice Tool with Brush is perfect for corners. Use the unique brush for screen and windowsills. 80â Swivel Hose rotates 360 degrees at both ends of the hose providing great reach and maneuverability. Triple Filtration System â HEPA cloth allergy bag, charcoal filter to capture and eliminate odors, and a HEPA filter to trap the fine dust we cannot see.