Balta Rugs

Beau Floral Cream Area Rug Balta Rugs Rug Size: Rectangle 7'10" x 10'

Combining ultra-soft, medium-height pile with unsurpassed ease of maintenance, this area rug features stunning and extensive selections of beautiful, well-balanced patterns and trend-forward colors that will certainly enhance any space. The well-defined, micro-set polypropylene yarn adds non-shedding stability to this refined, densely woven rug. The well-considered balance between common and contemporary design makes it possible to fit in any kind of interior, turning your house into a cozy home. High technological weaving techniques and durable fibers ensure ease of maintenance as the rug virtually non-shedding, soil and stain-resistant, and long-wearing. Balta Rugs Rug Size: Rectangle 7'10" x 10'