Balsa Circle

BalsaCircle 60" x 126" Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth Table Cover Linens for Wedding Party Events Kitchen Dining

Decorate your tables with our lovely Brand New Polyester Rectangular Tablecloths! Whether it's a grand party or just a social gathering with friend and family, our table covers will be perfect for your event. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Additional Information: Each Tablecloth measures 60" x 126". Sizing: This tablecloths will give you a 15" overhang on a 8 feet by 30 inches wide banquet table, half way down. Material: 100% Polyester, stain and wrinkle resistant. 1 piece, seamless design. Edges are folded and then hemmed. Please note: High-quality material used, weight of this item is very heavy. NOTE: The colors of products when viewed on your computer monitor may appear different than the actual color of the merchandise. We make every attempt to give you a good representation of the available colors for each product sold, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact match. Dye lot variance of 1 to 2 shades is considered normal.PLEASE NOTE: This item can be returned to Walmart stores, where items will then be returned to Balsa Circle, LLC. Return shipping fees still apply.