Ballarini Rosso Skimming Ladle Ballarini

Inspired by the rich tradition of Italian cuisine, BALLARINI has poured its cookware expertise into a new line of kitchen tools. Everyday cooking is easy with BALLARINI Rosso silicone tools. Ever passionate about cooking, BALLARINI has created a 13-piece collection that features a tool for every kitchen task. From a soup ladle to a pastry brush, you’ll find everything you need to stir, whisk, and serve. With their Italian design and tomato-red hue, each tool puts a pop of color in your kitchen. The high quality, BPA-free silicone is safe to use on all cooking surfaces and is resistant to high temperatures – go ahead and turn up the heat. Long-lasting and easy to clean, the smooth silicone also offers a comfortable grip. Making cooking more fun, so you can cook like an Italian every day. Ballarini