Aydin Cowhide Area Rug, Brown, 5'7"x6'3"

THIS IS LUXURY PRODUCT.BRAND NEW.Reasons To Own This Rug:- Hand Tanned & Made in Europe (not factory made in Latin America)- Above the Average Size- Thick and Sturdy (rather than thin)- From Animals Naturally Grown and Grass Fed- Craftsman Made (rather than factory processed)- Durable, Long Lasting, Highly Resistant- Unique and Authentic in Patterns- Luxury Quality, Feel & AppearanceKey Features:- Hand Tanned in Europe (NOT Latin America)- Hand-Tanned by 3rd. generation of Aydin family.- Luxury Quality- 100% genuine cowhide leather- European (Balkan) breed animals- Each product is BRANDED with serial number and Craftsmanship seal.- This cowhide has been sourced ethically and humanely and 100% as byproduct of meat production- Animals are free-range raised, sustainable sourced mainly on mountain pastures of South-Eastern Europe.- Animal skins are endemic to breeds specific for South-Eastern European region.- Skins ARE NOT processed by mass processing facility, but rather family owned business with "Old Craft" certificate. This means that such business falls in "Traditional" category of business.- All skins are hand processed using solutions with the P.H value of drinking water.- Skins are processed in small batches, usually 5-10 at the time, in order for skin to preserve, to the greatest extend, its natural distinctions and quality.NOTE: The photo on this page represents design and style of this rug and IT IS AN IMAGE OF ACTUAL product you will receive. All rug sizes are approximate. Due to the difference of monitor colors, some rug colors may vary slightly.NOTE: Few products may contain some natural flaws due to conditions inherent to natural animal products (scratches, insect bites, wrinkles, cuts, etc.) that will be discretely repaired. Please note that we do not wedge our cowhides, but we rather discretely stitch and repair. Such flaws are acceptable for this type of product, since it represents the life of the animal to the fullest possible extent.