5 Diopter Interchangeable Lens for in-X Magnifying Lamps

5 diopter interchangeable glass lens for Aven’s In-X Magnifying Lamp. Includes a nylon hard case for safe storage when not in use.Aven’s In-X redefines what is possible with a magnifying lamp. This patent-pending, cutting edge lamp is designed to greatly expand the magnification range beyond what a standard magnifying lamp can offer by accommodating multiple lenses. The exclusive lenses are housed in a rubberized ring, designed for easy lens exchange. Includes a crystal-clear 5 diopter glass lens (2.25x magnification).- Includes one interchangeable 5 diopter glass lens (2.25x Magnification)- Additional 8 diopter, 12 diopter, and 15 diopter lenses available separately- Swivel-motion allows the lamp to be angled to the ideal position- Covered spring-balanced arm prevents pinching hazards- Touch-sensitive brightness controls- No exposed springsInstantly expand your magnification range with the optional In-X glass lenses. No additional tools are required for changing out lenses. Simply remove the lens by pushing from underneath, and replace with the required lens. The rubberized ring safely secures into the lamp head.In-X Magnifying Lamps offer adjustable brightness controls, giving operators flexible lighting options for their applications.- Touch buttons control the intensity of 64 ultra-bright SMD LEDs- Max illumination: 950lm- Color: white lightHeavy Duty Table Clamp:- Approx. 2.5″ opening- Securely mounts to the side of your work bench