Authentic Pizza Ovens

Stone Lisboa Pizza Oven

This is the lovely Stone Lisboa authentic domed oven all dressed up w/ beautiful stone. A dark mixture of unique shapes, which covers the traditional dome oven. Stunning arch w/ stone brick around the oven opening. While being a fabulous pizza oven it (like the Famosi) is rotisserie capable. Being just a bit higher than the Pizzaioli or the Brazza it allows the space to fit a spit, BUT more importantly it gives off a strong ambiance as the fire is much more visible (almost a fire feature/pit). The door of this oven is close to a square & is perfect for pizza’s, casseroles, breads & mouth-watering rotisseries.All of our brick ovens are HANDMADE in Portugal & are triple-insulated which means the outside of the oven is cool to the touch while the inside is blazing hot! Beginning w/ a layer of brick & mortar, which is then covered w/ refractory cement. A thick layer of Rockwool Insulation is applied & held down w/ metal batting before an additional layer of refractory cement. Our standard finish is white. (See our upgraded models that have a final layer of cork, which provides a very unique finish as well as additional insulation)The Lisboa has a traditional stone brick facade w/ a black steel door. (which will rust if not treated - especially if you live near water) Authentic Pizza Ovens never uses galvanized coating or zinc galvanizing coating on any of their products. The door on this model opens from left to tight & is split like a barn/dutch door.Please note: the finish of this oven is not shiny & does not have the wet look as pictured. See the one picture of the oven being made which shows a more matte finish. This allows you to have your choice if you decide once you get it if you want it varnished or not. Personally I love the natural look!It is normal for authentic ovens to crack. Most of the cracking will occur on the dome & facade. but w/ the stone model it will be very difficult to see. Either way this does NOT affect the the function of the oven & is considered seasoned & desirable in Europe. Concrete or silicon will assist w/ the facade cracks. Dome cracks can be easily fixed w/ the Ultra Fire patched kit which is included in the oven.Our wood fire ovens are just that an oven! They can cook anything your conventional oven can…just better! Pizzas - the best you’ve ever had in only 90 seconds but don’t stop w/ pizza. Included w/ your oven is a beautiful Portuguese ceramic baking dish. It is perfect for foods such as chicken, roasts, veggies, casseroles, desserts & much more. Try baking bread in our oven & you will be amazed.Comes with: Stainless Steel Chimney: 6” spout w/ flu/damper. (Pipe extensions & cap available separately). Ceramic Baking Dish: (10” x 14.5” x 3”) Thermometer (0-500c) Ultra Fire: Patch kit to address superficial cracks that will develop. Specifications:Weights & Dimensions Each Oven Is Handmade. 39" W x 31" H x 39" D OUTSIDE 31" W x 19" H x 31" D INSIDE 15.5" W x 12" H Door 5.5” W x 6" H Chimney Overall Product Weight 1700 lbsDespite your best efforts in curing your oven cracks will appear. This is completely normal in all terracotta & brick wood fire pizza ovens. We include our special patch kit w/ all our traditional brick ovens to fill any cracks. Cracks may appear around the dome or along the seam between the brick & cement. They will expand when the oven is hot & retract when it cools. Most European pizza oven owners do not patch their ovens as it is a sign of a seasoned oven & since they are only superficial they have no reason to. As previously mentioned - the ovens will crack, but to avoid quicker and/or larger ones it is important you cure your oven properly. See FAQ’s for proper curing treatment. It is also common for the base of the oven to crumble a little bit. The base is concrete & it is NOT pre-fabricated materials - it is all handmade so it may crumble a little bit on the edges. You can easily paint the spots w/ the Ultra Fire crack repair or even use some mortar. Remember they are handmade! Every oven has its unique character & no two ovens are alike, making your backyard as individual as you are.All our ovens REQUIRE "all-weather" protection from rain, sleet & snow, fallen leaves & protection from the harsh elements when not in use. If you don't have a cover you may visit our accessories to purchase one of our covers that fits snugly over the oven & secures w/ a pull tie. These are beautiful ovens that are meant to last for a very long time; but you must take care of it. You MUST cover your oven if it is exposed to the wet elements. Warranty does NOT cover any uncovered ovens.ALSO - shipping is FREE EXCEPT to islands or where ferries are needed. ex. Nantucket, Staten Island etc. There will be an additional handling fee added at time of shipping. We NOW have some stock in Canada! If your item is available then the shipping is FREE & there is only a $75USD charge for residential deliver & of course no impor read more