August Grove

Camela Table Runner August Grove Size: 38" W x 12" L, Color: White

This Table Runner is a delicately patterned runner that adds a touch of class and an antique style to your dining room. It is an oval shaped table runner with beautiful floral pattern, which can complement a wide variety of decor and provides effective protection for the center of your dining table.This Table Runner is available in multiple finishes to choose from. It is also available in different sizes. You can buy matching items for the main dining table and the side table of your dining room. The pattern is intricate, with delicate blossoms cascading from a textured center to the edges on all sides. The fine gauge lace used in this product conveys a sense of high quality. It is of great practical use as well as this runner will stay put and will not move around the table easily. It effectively protects your table from damages.This oval runner is made from 100% polyester making it strong and durable. It is machine washable. You should use cold gentle cycle for the wash and then it should be laid flat or hung out to dry. It should not be bleached, though you can touch it up with cool iron if desired. August Grove Size: 38" W x 12" L, Color: White