August Grove

Ardelia 62" Floor Lamp August Grove

The designers have beautifully recreated his love of nature in the splendid floor lamp. The generously sized dome shade features an allover design of brilliant pansies in red, coral, pink and lavender. The florals are set against a background of verdant green-gold foliage and brown vines. Shimmery blue panels are placed at intervals to give the effect of a bright blue sky peeking through the lush floral canopy. A trio of large dragonflies, each with intricate black and yellow wings and vivid red bodies and glass gem eyes are seen flitting about the shade’s surface. The shade sits atop a stately metal base that is finished in authentic antique bronze. A perfect choice next to a comfortable sofa or favorite reading chair, this floor lamp is certain to become the focal point in any room that you will proudly display for many years to come. August Grove