Astoria Grand

Mcfall Quad Curtain Holdback Astoria Grand

The Astoria Grand Mcfall Quad Curtain Holdback (Set of 2) is a beautiful and traditionally styled curtain holdback that is sure to add elegance and distinction to your room. It consists of a rounded hook which ends in a square head. It is perfect for holding back large drapery panels, especially in your drawing room, dining room and sitting room. This Mcfall Quad Curtain Holdback (Set of 2) from Astoria Grand is strong and sturdy. It should be mounted in an appropriate position inside the window frame. It is a highly useful hardware accessory which helps to hold back the heavy drapery in your room and allow you unobstructed view through your window. It is available in pewter finish. The width is adjustable offering great flexibility of use. The parts are removable and the product is lead free so that it can be safely used in your home. This set of tieback hooks is convenient and easy to use as well as stylish in appearance. It is made of plastic and high quality steel. It requires some assembly. Installation is easy and you will require a drill, level and screwdriver for the process. Just wipe it clean with a dry cloth to maintain the beauty and polish of this product. Astoria Grand