ArtToFrames Collage Photo Frame with 1 - 11x14 and 2 - 6x8 Openings

This modern Satin Black, 1.25 inch thick collage frame, presents a multiple opening display for 1 - 11x14 and 2 - 6x8 masterpieces of your choice. This collage is part of a vast collage frame compilation and boasts a vast line of premium quality frames at a low-cost you can smile about! Handmade and created to outfit your masterpieces ensuring you 1 - 11x14 and 2 - 6x8 art will fit exactly so. Bordered in a vivid prominent Satin Black, high-end frame and surrounded by a contemporary Peat mat, the collage arrangement most definitely shows off your very own photographs, and the greatest memories in an entirely incredible and memorable way. This collage frame comes protected in Styrene, equipped with appropriate hardware and can be hung up with ease. These superior quality and naturally wood-based collage frames differ in design and size specifics; all in contemporary and modern design. Mats are available in a assemblage of color tones, spaces, and shapes. It's time to tell your story! Preserving your sharing your memories in an original and brilliant new way has never been easier.