Artistica - Goblet/Mugs

Giglio D'oro, Mug, 293-1/4-1939

Giglio D'oro Collection: Another elegant dinnerware design masterfully hand painted in Deruta, Italy, featuring a fine and intricate design from the renaissance period featuring a regal yellow-gold Giglio (Lily) painstakingly countered by a royal blue solid color, a fine and intricate design exclusively available in the USA only throughout Artistica!The "Giglio" (pronounced geel-yo), has been the symbol of the city of Florence (Firenze) since its foundation in 1000 B.C. and it is not a lily at all, it's an Iris - or Giaggiolo.All our dinnerware collections are dishwasher safe as well as 100% food safe, and are regularly inspected and tested for compliance with FDA standards.Hand crafted Italian ceramic -