Artisan & Fox - Tunda Earrings In Orange Poppy Marble

Elegant brass earrings, with a natural clay marble in orange fruity hues. Perfect for the start of summer. Fully made from upcycled brass and natural clay in Kenya by our artisans, with hypoallergenic ion-plated earhooks. The TUNDA Earrings is handcrafted from sustainably upcycled brass in Kenya, a nickel-free alloy of copper and zinc, often used as a semi-precious alternative to gold. Minimize contact with chemicals and moisture, such as perfumes and seawater. While each piece of jewellery is made to last, brass naturally tarnishes with oxidation and exposure to weather. To refresh your artisan's craft to its original shine, simply use a wedge of lemon, and polish along the tarnished surface with a small cotton towel. Keep in a cool and dry place.