Art of Glass by Alexis

Lilac with green butterflies and flowers fused glass ikebana floral vase

This 4.5 inches tall handkerchief style fused glass ikebana vase is lilac glass in a mosaic pattern with green butterflies and flowers . The base has a 2 inch diameter kenzan (frog) pin for floral arrangements. Great for dinner table centerpiece or as a display in your foyer, powder room, ect. Cut flowers last longer. Keep fresh flowers in your home with minimal effort. The vase can also be used as a candle holder by placing a tea light candle in the opening. Another use is for holding herbs or incense sticks. Ikebana is a style of Japanese floral arranging that works well when you only have a few flowers to arrange. It is a visual art that uses plant materials that come in a wide variety of forms. What sets ikebana apart from other floral arrangements is the asymmetry in the design. Simple Ikebana arrangements are composed of three principle lines, with a few smaller, weaker stems added to fill out the design. Principle lines can be branches or leaves, not just flowers. Japanese flower arranging is designed to be viewed from the front only. The water is part of the arrangement, and the mouth of the container is never completely covered. Does this Spark an idea?